Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nude Seafood's Friday Feasts

C says:

On Friday evenings, Nude Seafood transforms from a casual establishment selling no-frills but well executed seafood to CBD lunchtime folk, to a proper restaurant serving dishes that could rival any fine-dining joint. 

The menu for Friday Feast, $68 for 4 courses, changes seasonally. They've just started the Autumn installment, which is the one we tried on Friday. 

First course was Four Variations of Japanese Pumpkin - roasted pumpkin, pumpkin croquette, pumpkin creme brûlée, and pumpkin seed tuile. 

Second was King Prawn and Capellini. The prawn was freshly caught just the day before, and cooked sous vide before a smoky char on the grill. The result was a perfectly cooked and super sweet prawn with a lovely smokiness. The capellini was tossed in a nutty wakame dressing, and was a nice earthy counterpart to the prawn. 

Third course (the photo really doesn't do it justice) was Salmon and Ikura. A disc of  sashimi-grade salmon was cooked at 45 degrees then flash seared on one side. It was served with ikura tossed with lime zest, and Japanese anchovies that were hickory smoked in-house. Another delicious dish - the lime added an interesting twist to the ikura, and I absolutely loved the smoked anchovies. 

Dessert was little chocolate and rum choux puffs with home-made vanilla ice cream.

I really like Nude Seafood, both their casual offerings and Friday Feasts. Even with their casual dishes, you can tell by the techniques and execution that the chefs definitely have fine dining backgrounds. Prices may be on the slightly higher side of affordable, but the quality totally justifies it. Not to mention the consistently great service. 

A says:

High end food in a casual setting. Which explains the small portion sizes compared to the price. We need to order 3 mains between the 2 of us to be full on a usual day, but for the Friday Feast set, you'll get just enough. 

Overall, I think many would consider it not worth it, but once you factor in the fine dining quality of the food, it definitely is worth the price. 

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