Friday, August 07, 2015

Long Chim

C says:

At first glance, Long Chim is a bit puzzling. It's located at the posh side of Marina Bay Sands, directly above the casino, so you expect it to be quite fancy, and the decor certainly is. But then you get seriously old school music blasting from the speakers (Backstreet Boys? Ace of Base?!), and it all seems a bit incongruous. Eventually we figured that it's meant to channel the whole street food in Thailand vibe. It's strange but I like it. 

As for the food, we had all been warned that the food was unrelentingly spicy. While I was looking forward to it, the rest of the party wasn't. In the end, I think we ended being steered towards all the non-spicy dishes, so I was a bit let down on the spice front. 

Definitely not disappointed taste-wise though. Everything was very tasty and surprisingly not pretentious. The starters of fish cake and cured pork nuggets both packed a ton of flavour.

The chargrilled squid was really good, with very tender squid and a tasty rempah that was more spice than heat. 

Even the beef noodles with sriracha and the glass noodle salad were oddly not spicy. They were tasty but I can't help but feel like they could have benefited from a bit more heat. 

The only dish that packed some heat was a stir-fried soft shell crab, and even then, it was spicy simply relative to everything else. 

They do really yummy Thai-inspired cocktails, including one that channels all the flavours of mango sticky rice. Pity that the dessert menu is so uninspired though.

Their last orders are at 10.30 so it's a pretty good place for a late-ish meal. Next time I'm definitely going to seek out the spicy dishes. 

A says:

Surprisingly affordable. Great way to have Thai street food without getting diarrhoea. 

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