Friday, September 11, 2015


C says:

Butahage at Liang Court clearly sticks to what they do best - butadon, which is grilled sliced pork flavoured with a sweet-savoury tare sauce over Japanese rice. They have a few other items on the menu but the butadon is clearly the star. 

They have a regular butadon set for $13.80, and a premium set for $22.80, the main difference being where the pork is from. The regular uses US pork, and the premium has Japanese pork. 

Atetoomuch can never resist a taste test, so we ordered both to see if we could tell the difference. The Japanese pork was definitely better - it was more juicy, tender and fattier, and the fat was sweet and flavourful.

The US pork was objectively still very good, and would have been great if we didn't have the Japanese one to compare it with. It was just slightly more dry and tough, and had a little less fat. Both were basted with a delicious tare sauce, and the rice was very tasty too. 

They have sides of deep fried cheese, and crab croquettes. We tried the latter, which was quite good. Well fried and not oily at all. 

This time it's my turn to be jealous of A. His office is currently near Liang Court, and Butahage does takeaways, so he can have this as often as he likes. 

A says:

Pretty good. You can tell the difference between the regular and the premium when you have them side by side, but in not sure if it's worth the extra cost. 

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