Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday brunch at Catalunya

C says:

I find Catalunya somewhat overpriced - $85 for lobster rice, $135 for half a suckling pig or $20 for a plate of 4 tiny Bikini (jamon, cheese and truffle) sandwiches is, to me, a bit prohibitive. That’s why their Sunday brunch buffet is such a good deal, relatively speaking. For $98 (add $48 for free flow cava, wines, cocktails, coffee and tea), you get an amazing buffet spread featuring various cured meats, steak tartare, rillette, grilled quail, asparagus spears, anchovies, sardines and all manner of other tasty tapas-like items.

The best part is that you can also order unlimited portions of their sandwiches (yes, including the Bikinis) and their scrambled eggs and tortillas (Spanish omelettes). Our table of 10 told them to just keep replenishing our plates of the Bikinis. Just polishing off a few plates of these alone is probably almost worth the $98 price tag.

Brunch starts at 12.30 pm, and at about 1.30 pm, the main courses are presented to much fanfare (and plate smashing). These will include a few paellas, a fish dish, a roast of the day (usually lamb), and the signature suckling pig. Portions of these will be delivered to your table, and again you can ask for more portions once you're done.

Finally, desserts are served and if you haven’t paced yourself then you’re in trouble, because the desserts are definitely worth a try. By the time brunch comes to a close around 3 pm, be prepared for a food coma for the rest of the day/evening.

Definitely not something you can or should be having very often, but definitely worth trying at least once.

A says:

The brunch buffet is probably the only time you'd get your money's worth here. Even then, it's still very expensive. And the starters and sandwiches are really the star (over the overrated pig). So if you've got lots of cash to spare, give this place a try.

The Fullerton Pavillion
82 Collyer Quay
Tel: 6534-0886
Sunday brunch: 12.30 pm - 4pm

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