Sunday, September 30, 2012


C says:

We never went to Saveur back when it was just a hawker stall in East Coast (the location probably had something to do with it), but it's a lot more accessible for us now that they've moved to a bona fide restaurant on Purvis Street.

They don't take reservations, so be prepared to wait unless you get there before 12.15 for lunch. We were there just after 12 and managed to snag one of the last few tables.

Befitting its origins, the place is fitted out very simply with bare walls and simple monochromatic furniture, with a few chandeliers adding a quirky formalness. Unfortunately, all the hard surfaces make for rather poor acoustics. When the restaurant is full, you can barely hear yourself speak amidst the din. Maybe that's one way to ensure that people don't linger, so that they can turn more tables.

Saveur's known for their very reasonable prices for almost restaurant-quality food. Their seared foie gras is only $9.90. Granted, the portion is quite small, but executed quite well, with the outside seared and inside nice and runny.

We ordered both the duck rillette ($7.90) and the pate terrine ($11.90), both of which were surprisingly generous portions given the amount of toast that accompanied them. I preferred the rillette to the terrine, which was less like a pate and more like processed meat.

Their angel hair pasta with minced pork and sakura ebi was a steal at $3.90. It could've been seasoned a bit more, but overall it was pretty tasty and very good value for money.

They're famous for their duck confit, but we were ducked-out having just returned from Bali the day before, so we went with their barramundi ($13.90) instead. The fish was average, but the accompanying potatoes, which were probably roasted in duck fat and tossed with crab meat and spring onions, were delicious.

Don't go to Saveur expecting fine dining. It isn't, nor does it purport to be. If you go with the expectation that you'll be getting very decent French bistro-style food at very reasonable prices, then you won't be disappointed.

A says:

Service is very good. Food is very good for the price. Great value for money. Best budget gourmet place I can think of.

5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6333-3121
Open daily: 12 noon – 2.15 pm; 6 pm – 9.15 pm

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