Thursday, September 06, 2012

Co + Op Nasi Lemak

C says:

The Island Creamery folks have opened a nasi lemak joint opposite their ice cream parlour in Serene Centre. It's a pretty simple, no frills set-up, with a traditional nasi padang/economy rice point-to-order system.

I picked the fried chicken wing, sambal kacang botol (winged bean) and omelette. A had the ayam masak merah, lady's finger and sambal goreng.  

The chicken wing was wonderfully crisp without being oily, and the ayam masak merah was really juicy and tender. Unfortunately, except for both chicken dishes, everything else was very subdued. It seemed as though everything had been dumbed down - under-salted, under-spiced and the sambal had absolutely no heat.

At this point, we'd more or less made up our mind that this didn't warrant a revisit, but on impulse A decided to order the kaya toast for dessert. And just like that, everything changed.

This was truly one of the best kaya toasts I've had. The bread was toasted but still soft, the kaya was the green pandan sort rather than the brown kind, and best of all, they use a good amount of really good salted butter. The balance of flavours reminded me of a really good salted caramel. Amazing.

Service was mixed. I was told to wait a few minutes for my chicken wing but after A was halfway through his meal and I asked if the wings were done, turns out the girl who took my order forgot about it completely. She served it with nary an apology, which also annoyed me. Likewise with A's tea order. In contrast, the male chef who also did double duty clearing tables was very polite and friendly.

All in all, there were definitely some misses, but I'd come back just for numerous orders of the kaya toast, and maybe a few of the really good chicken wings too. But really, the kaya toast alone is worth the visit. 

A says:

It’s more like nasi padang than nasi lemak. And the sambal was pretty bland. Luckily, the kaya toast and teh saved the day. This is my new go-to place for a good kaya toast.

Co + Op Nasi Lemak
10 Jalan Serene
#01-08 Serene Centre
Tel: 6469-3935
Open daily: 8.30 am – 8 pm

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