Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wala Wala Cafe Bar

C says:

We came here purely to try their chicken wings, which consistently take top (or close to top) billing in chicken wing lists. My vote for best chicken wings is actually the ones at the Ikea restaurant. My criteria? Just fried, not battered, not overly spiced and ideally slightly Asian-inspired with any combination of soy, honey and ginger, and while it has to be crispy, it can’t be over-fried. Must be perfectly cooked and juicy, and any place that offers just drumlets, without the actual wing portion, fails right off the bat.

Big plus point here is that they separate the drumlets from the wings for you. So no fumbling with searingly hot wings, burning your fingers in the process, as you race to divide them all up so that you can sit down and properly enjoy them.

Unfortunately, they haven’t bumped Ikea off the top of my wing list just yet. They ticked most of the boxes, but unfortunately they were overcooked – too dry and hard, and not juicy at all. Quite a letdown since I was expecting to be blown away.

The calamari wasn’t too bad but it had to be eaten piping hot. After a while when it cooled down it got really rubbery.

On hindsight, not the smartest thing to order all 3 deep fried dishes. We had the deep fried pork bites with a honey mustard dip. The dip was quite strange, and the pork was also overcooked.

I really did expect a lot more of the place, but in the end the food was just mediocre. I recently had lunch at Penny Black and the bar bites there are far superior.

A says:

Average food. But big thumbs up for the service and vibe. It would be a regular if we drank more.

Wala Wala Cafe Bar
31 Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6462-4288

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