Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sticky Rice

C says:

The new Clementi Mall is still very much a work-in-progress. Currently only the basement shops, and some limited shops on Level 1, are open for business. Most of the shops that have opened are the eateries, as well as a new Fairprice Finest supermarket, which was our reason for coming here today.

Most of the eateries that are currently open are pretty generic – Subway, Long John Silvers, BK, Toast Box, etc. Which is why Sticky Rice stood out as being one of the few non-chain eateries there. That, and the fact that they’d just opened and had grand opening floral stands outside…

Sticky Rice is a Thai bistro, serving fairly traditional interpretations of popular Thai dishes. A had the pad thai, which took a while to find on the menu because it was descriptively named as Fried Rice Noodles with Seafood or something like that, and I had the tom yam noodle soup.

Service was very good – the manager asked if we needed any help, so we asked if we could change (a) the seafood in the pad thai to chicken, and (b) the noodles in the tom yam from rice vermicelli to glass noodles. He agreed to both without hesitation, which is a big plus point for me. I hate places which are overly rigid where this is concerned, even when I indicate that I’m prepared to pay any top-up (Old Town springs to mind).

A’s pad thai was ok, but somehow the balance of sweet/salty/sour flavours just seemed a bit off. Certain mouthfuls felt too sweet, some felt too tart.

I quite enjoyed my tom yam noodles, which I think were better than the pad thai. Quite generous with the seafood, and not overly sweet.

Unfortunately, we ordered a red ruby for dessert and this was extraordinarily bad. Granted, our benchmark is the one at A-roy Thai, but this was way below average. The rubies were pretty tasteless, there was too much ice, and instead of coconut milk they used evaporated or something. And very little of it. Resulting in a bland, icy, tasteless disaster.

Definitely not a destination place, but until something interesting opens up in Clementi Mall, this is probably the least generic of the lot.

A says:

Great service from the head staff, but the rest were a bit blur. The food’s decent, but some flavours overwhelm others. Also, the red rubies and thai iced tea are disappointing.

Still, this is probably going to be our default choice in Clementi Mall.

Sticky Rice
#B1-08/09, The Clementi Mall


Anonymous said...

4 of us tried the food at Sticky Rice yesterday. We ordered seafood glass noodles olive fried rice, tom yam soup, rice crackers with dip, kailan, stuffed chicken wings, red ruby, mango and glutinous rice. Bill came to around $70.

I certainly recommend the olive rice, rice crackers and tom yam soup.

The red ruby is a no-no, it was tasteless, had too much ice and the worst we had tried.

One suggestion is to serve the food in plates instead of deep bowls, it makes it easier to eat.

Service was fast and friendly.

Anonymous said...

I had an awful experience at Sticky Rice. The service was medicore and staffs were not flexible at all, which your post totally caught me by surprise. It took more than 15 mins for our food to be served and taste was just so-so.

I will not be a returning customer ever.

Anonymous said...

have you tried Yhingthai Palace on Purvis st? I think the food is pretty good!