Saturday, July 10, 2010

San-Sui Sumiyaki & Tsuki Bar

C says:

If you try to google “yakitori + Fullerton”, which is what we did when we tried to remember the name of this restaurant, you end up with Tori Tama. However they’ve changed their name to Sansui, apparently because they’ve started offering more than just classic chicken yakitori. (Since tori means chicken, their previous name gave the impression that it was strictly a chicken parts place.)

This place, located right opposite Butter Factory at One Fullerton, has quite a wide range of options, and an equally wide range of prices. They have chargrilled foie gras for $17, a single chilled Japanese tomato for $12, and some Angus beef ribeye dishes for over $20, but at the same time their regular skewers are within a more reasonable price range of $3 to $8 each.

We ordered too much tonight to list everything that we consumed. We’ll just mention some of the better items. The lamb chop ($10) was definitely one of the highlights – really tender, juicy and nicely charred lamb fat. One of our friends ordered the foie gras, which came with sautéed apples. He claims that the foie gras was even better than the lamb, so now I’m quite curious to try this next time.

The chicken liver skewer was wonderfully creamy, and I liked the plain pork belly one too. A few misses were the cheese skewer, which was a bit plasticky and lacking much cheese flavour (probably used a very basic mozzarella), and the pork belly with ginger roll, which turned out to be the pink sushi ginger that ended up overwhelming everything else.

They do a kick-ass potato mentai here as well – lots of mentaiko (cod roe), cheese and some ikura for additional flavour. I also like that they use new potatoes with the skins on, which adds even more texture and flavour. Our table ordered one of these, raved about it and promptly ordered another 2 more…

If all the grilled protein gets too much for you, they do a very good raw vegetable salad for only $5. They give you a few sticks of cucumber, Japanese yam and lots of raw cabbage, for dipping into a spicy miso paste. The Japanese yam isn’t my thing, the cucumber wasn’t bad, but what I really liked was the cabbage. It was amazingly fresh and sweet, without any hint of bitterness at all.

Again, some trial and error is required, and I’m sure this isn’t the best sumiyaki place in Singapore, but overall this is a nice after work place for those in the Shenton Way area, or perhaps for an audaciously leisurely lunch (because yes, they can be quite slow).

A says:

What C said. Probably the best in the Shenton Way area, but definitely not the best in Singapore. There are much better yakitori places around Cuppage Centre alone.

San-Sui Sumiyaki & Tsuki Bar
One Fullerton Road
#01-05 One Fullerton
Tel: 6423-1555
Mon–Fri: 12pm – 3pm (Lunch)
Mon–Sat: 6pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)


JY said...

What good yakitori places are there at Cuppage plaza?

Anonymous said...

JY: At Cuppage, one word, Kazu.

I like San Sui. While not the best yakitori, but nice environment (One Fullerton area) and good vibe.