Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nonya Delicatessen

C says:

Quick post, because we were too busy digging into our food to take any photos… This little kiosk in Bukit Timah Plaza is somewhat of a cult classic amongst regular patrons of the mall. They only serve a few dishes – mee siam, prawn noodles, mee rebus, laksa, nasi lemak and nasi kunyit (on selected days). They’re apparently known for their kueh-kuehs too.

They usually sell out by late afternoon, so whenever we’re here after work we never get a chance to eat here. Today we went grocery shopping at lunchtime instead so decided to join the queue. Note: the place has limited seats and is self service, so I would recommend someone holding a table while another person orders the food, so that you’re not stuck in a position with a tray full of food and no where to sit.

We ordered the mee siam and the nasi kunyit, and also got some kuehs for dessert – the green and brown kind rolled in coconut (sorry, don't know the names…), and an interesting chendol agah-agah.

The mee siam broth was thinner than usual but still quite tasty. They’re pretty generous with the ingredients too – at least 3 decent-sized prawns inside. The chicken curry in the nasi kunyit was good – nice and rich, but I would have like the chicken to be slightly more tender. It was a little overcooked.

Overall, I can understand the long queues. Best to come early, to beat the queues for one, but while we were eating I also heard that they’d run out of the nasi kunyit already.

A says:

Old school and yummy. The only drawback is the queue. And I don’t know if it’s really worth queuing up for.

Nonya Delicatessen
Bukit Timah Plaza
Tel: 6469 1166

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