Friday, July 16, 2010

Awfully Chocolate Vivocity

C says:

The Vivocity outlet is one of 3 new Awfully Chocolate concept stores, selling new items in addition to their standard chocolate fudge cakes. At the new concept stores, you can get chocolate truffles, cupcakes, cold poached chocolate, super stacked chocolate cake and, the main reason for our coming here, a white chocolate salty butterscotch block.

The white chocolate block is sold by weight rather than by slice ($6.50 per 100g) – they cut slices from a big block according to what you want. When I read about this, I was obviously hoping to find a replacement for Arinco King’s salt caramel roll, so maybe it was inevitable that I would be a bit disappointed. As cakes go, this was actually not bad. The chocolate cake was quite light and moist, and at least the cream wasn’t buttercream, but white chocolate whipped cream. I just thought there was too much of it, and not enough caramel. The caramel itself had potential, but I still wish it was saltier. So nope, Arinco King it wasn’t. Damn you, Arinco King, for setting my hopes so high then dashing them by pulling out of Singapore. Who closes down for being too successful?!

The Super Stacked Chocolate Cake was good. It’s basically a more layered, more intense version of their usual chocolate fudge cake. More and thinner layers means there’s a higher cake to fudge ratio, plus apparently they use different types of chocolate for the fudge. All this translates into one hell of a cake. This is also sold by weight – again, $6.50 per 100g.

I had high hopes for the Chocolate Cupcakes, but I found them too chocolate-y. The cake was the usual chocolate cake, but the lighter brown chocolate icing was more like a thick, almost mousse-like layer. The dollop of dark chocolate fudge was good, though.

We didn’t get to try the cold poached chocolate because it’s almost like ice cream, and doesn’t keep well (we were heading to a friend’s place for dinner and were bringing dessert). They have seating in the store now so maybe when we’re next at Vivo we’ll stop here to try it.

Currently, the 3 concept stores are at Vivo, Kallang Leisurepark and East Coast Road, but apparently 2 new ones are opening at Ion and Raffles City.

A says:

A bit rich for my blood but I can see why people like it. Definitely a must-try at least.

Awfully Chocolate
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-156 Vivocity
Tel: 6410-9725
Open daily: 10 am to 10 pm

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