Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tomi Sushi

C says:

We decided to explore the new Parco Millenia Walk tonight. After some trouble actually finding it (we had to walk through all of Harvey Norman), we headed for Level 3 which houses most of the eateries – mainly Japanese with a lone Italian joint thrown in for good measure.

There were enormous snaking queues outside both ramen joints – Keisuke and Nantsuttei – but because we didn’t feel like ramen, we decided to try Tomi Sushi, which is apparently the first overseas outpost of a third-generation family restaurant in Japan.

I was a bit surprised at the prices on the menu, because the Sunday Lifestyle article had painted it to be a fairly reasonable sushi restaurant, when in reality this is quality food, so you do pay for it.

The word that springs to mind about the food here is refined. You can tell that a lot of care has been taken in preparing and presenting the food, and almost everything tasted good. We ordered a Sushi Gozen set ($54), which came with a massive array of dishes. This is definitely enough to share – a yuzu-scented chawanmushi, a sushi platter, assorted sashimi, tempura, miso soup, grilled teriyaki cod and a delightful pickled salmon dish.

The tempura was a slight letdown, but then again prior to this, our last tempura experience was at Ten-Ichi so perhaps that’s not a very fair comparison. The sushi was very good – very well cooked rice, and the grilled cod was excellent. Only criticism is that there were a few bones in the cod.

We also ordered a Sashimi Moriwase for one person, and were stunned when an elaborately arranged work of art appeared. The salmon sashimi was rich and fatty, the maguro was very meaty, and I particularly enjoyed the ebi sashimi.

You can tell that this place takes their food seriously, as they have separate soy sauces for sushi and for sashimi, and they make a special effort to point this out to you when they serve the food.

There’s no doubt that this place serves very good quality food, but does it justify the rather high prices? I guess it depends on what you compare it with. It’s certainly not on the same price range as Sushi Tei, but it probably is relatively cheaper than some of the higher end sushi restaurants out there.

A says:

The service is excellent and some bits were pretty good. But I think you pay for presentation more than anything else. I don’t think it’s worth the relatively high price.

Tomi Sushi
Parco Millenia Walk, #03-04
Tel: 6333-4633


Jer Lin said...

Thanks for the review! Tomi sushi has set lunches which are more affordable, you can check them out at their website

atetoomuch said...

C says:

Thanks Stargirl! I couldn't find their website. You're right, the lunch sets look good, and very good value. We'll definitely check them out next time.

Patzie said...

The food looks amazing and I really like how they having sushi sauce and sashimi sauce, very delicated! How I wish Bangkok have more decent restaurants!