Friday, April 16, 2010

Orange Clove catering

C says:

We were contacted by a representative from Neo Group, an F&B company with several arms, including a fairly new high-end catering company called Orange Clove. They were holding a Bloggers Night and invited us to attend for a food sampling and a presentation about the company.

Their aim is to elevate catering to something more than just a convenient option that sacrifices taste and quality – a bit like Purple Sage, really. Veering towards “fine dining” catering, they provide proper cutlery and porcelain-looking melamine plates, attractive serving dishes rather than just standard silver chafing dishes, and table decor that includes flowers and tea lights. They also pride themselves on ensuring that the quality of the food isn’t sacrificed just because of the logistics of a large event.

We didn’t try everything at the food tasting, but what we did have definitely had potential. The mushroom bruschetta was good, I liked that they used new potatoes for their roast potato salad, and there was an asparagus and snapper fillet roll with miso butter sauce that was very good. Some dishes had room for improvement though, like the honey chicken which tasted good but would really have benefitted from using boneless pieces of chicken.

Desserts were quite good, particularly the mini cheesecakes. They also do customised cupcakes (tonight’s had the Orange Clove logo on them), which, after you peel off the thick marzipan coating, yielded a surprisingly moist cupcake.

We’re not big users of the catering market, so I don’t think we’ll ever get a chance to use them, but they seem to be an interesting option if you want a slightly more spiffy presentation.

A says:

Sadly, the spread was very small so I can’t give a proper critique. I’ll just agree with what C says.

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