Sunday, April 11, 2010

Portuguese egg tarts from... KFC?

C says:

I was stunned, and I must say not a little apprehensive, when I saw the ad heralding Portuguese egg tarts at KFC. Since when are fried chicken and egg tarts an instinctive combination? And what makes KFC think they can pull off a traditional dessert, when so far all their offerings have been of the deep fried rectangular pie variety?

Well, these certainly can’t rival the ones from Macau, but to be fair they don’t purport to try. So I have to give them credit – these actually weren’t half bad. The pastry was a little oily and a bit tough to the bite, but the filling was decent and not too sweet.

They cost $1.30 each, or 6 for $7.50.

A says:

Surprisingly, it didn’t suck. I like the filling but the pastry is very blah.


Jer Lin said...

The pastry is not oily when the tarts are freshly baked. Then the entire package will be delicious (:

cedar chest said...

I was not able to order this from KFC yesterday. It looks okay but I think I really should try it before commenting.

Patzie said...

I was quite tempted to get this when I was in Singapore but then my friends were like 'why bothered!'. At least, now I know not all fast food sucks when they decide to do something out of their specialities (or maybe this is their speciality?)