Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skinny Pizza

C says:

Skinny Pizza by House has opened a new outlet at Wheelock Place – perfect for us since I’m there quite frequently. In addition to their skinny pizzas, they also have some House specials (pun intended, har har), like the Sliders and the metre-long sausage.

Although the Sliders were calling to me, we decided to try 2 pizzas – the English Breakfast, and the Braised Veal. When the first one arrived I panicked, cos it was huge, but actually there’s so little crust that it’s not filling at all, and we easily polished off 2 pizzas as well as a dessert.

Surprisingly, I ended up liking the Veal one more than the English Breakfast. The veal was braised till amazingly tender, with a rich sauce and there was a hint of truffle oil. There was also mashed potato and softened onions, and topped with arugula.

On paper, the English Breakfast sounded like a sure-win – sunny side up egg, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, cheese and grilled tomato. Which is why, when it arrived and we took our first bite, we were puzzled that we weren’t enjoying it as much as we expected. Somehow, the Napoli tomato sauce that was spread on the crust didn’t quite complement the other fry-up ingredients.

Their dessert menu is in the form of a food magazine – very cool and certainly very enticing. We shared the warm banana cake with salted caramel and coffee popcorn. This wasn’t quite what I expected. The cake was nice and moist but the salted caramel didn’t come through. We tasted either caramel, or just plain salt…

I’m glad we now have a place to have some of the better offerings from House, in a much friendlier, less chi-chi setting. We’ll be back to try more pizzas and of course, the Sliders and truffle fries.

A says:

Excellent service. Pretty good food but it’s not a traditional pizza by any stretch. As long as you go in with that in mind, you’ll be fine. I think next time, we’ll share a pizza and the sliders.

Also, you can ask for an iced version of any of the coffees on the menu. The iced latte I had was pretty decent (cause I like my iced coffee sweet and milky).

Skinny Pizza
501 Orchard Road
#03-04 Wheelock Place
Tel: 6235-7823
Open daily: 10 am to 10 pm


Anonymous said...

Dear blogger, I accidentally came across your blog while searching for a restaurant and have found myself addicted to it!
i've went through almost 3/4s of your archives and there's just something i'll like to ask you- Could you perhaps put a price to each dish that you 'feature'? there are a few places which i would love to try, but my definition of 'cheap' or 'expensive' might be vastly different from yours =)


-Yummiest Regards,
Fellow food lover who loves bringing his girl to different places for food

atetoomuch said...

Glad to hear that you like our posts! K noted, will try to remember to post the prices.

Your lucky gal. In contrast I have to bring my man out, heh.


Anonymous said...

I juz tried the lobster linguine topped with cavier at skinny pizza wheel lock place. Fantastic! It cost $22 and worth every single cent. Yummy. :-)