Saturday, December 05, 2009

La Fromagerie

C says:

La Fromagerie is a cheese and gourmet store by Chef Julien Bompard and his wife Edith of Le Saint Julien restaurant. Located at Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village, the store offers both retail and dine-in, the latter being a welcome option for people like us, who like to sample cheeses but feel too embarrassed to go to the cheese room at Jone’s The Grocer, for example, and just buy 25g of each variety.

Here, you can get a cheese platter at $14 per 100g, and an accompanying charcuterie platter for $26. We initially wanted 200g of cheese, but the waiter advised us that 100g was sufficient, and suggested we try the special of the day, the tartiflette.

They gave us 4 varieties of cheese, in increasing levels of strength. The 2 hard cheeses, one of which was a Beaufort and the other I can’t remember, were both quite ordinary and not something I’d order again. The 2 soft cheeses, on the other hand, were great. The camembert seemed mild at first but had quite a lingering moreish aftertaste. The blue cheese, which was a Bleu de Bonneval (or something), was fabulous – it had a good mix of flavour without being too aggressively stinky.

The charcuterie platter was divine, and pretty good value for $26. There were 4 slices each of parma ham, mortadella and honey baked ham, a few cubes of pate, and a quenelle of duck rillette. All of it was really good and unsurprisingly, in my opinion the rillette came out tops.

We ordered a bread basket to go along with our platters, and in addition to a few slices of baguette, there were also all sorts of thin, crisp crostinis that complemented the cheese and charcuterie perfectly.

The tartiflette though, turned out to be a bit of a mistake. It was essentially a gratin of potato chunks, ham and cheese in a white wine cream sauce. It definitely tasted good and the flavours were really pronounced, but this really weighed down our stomachs. Next time we’ll go with our initial instinct to get 200g of cheese and the charcuterie platter, and skip any mains.

A says:

Stick with the platters. The other stuff is very heavy.

La Fromagerie
Blk 43, Jalan Merah Saga (Chip Bee Gardens)
Tel: 6732-6269

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