Thursday, May 01, 2008

Al Forno (Taka Italian Fair)

C says:

This is Al Forno (East Coast), not to be mistaken with the completely unrelated Al Forno Trattoria at Goldhill Centre. We’ve heard some good things about the Al Forno at East Coast, but being in the East, we haven’t dared to make our way there so we decided to give them a try when they opened a little stall in Taka’s basement for their Italian fair.

The menu at the fair (which lasts till 11th May) is apparently completely different to the menu at the restaurant – the chef said that the menu at Taka is just a hint of what’s available at the restaurant, and portions and prices are also different.

We had the Spaghetti Vongole, which wasn’t too bad, if a tad predictable. The Deep Fried Pizza was a no-go – it looked like a curry puff and was way too doughy and tasteless. The stuffed pizza – a slice of pizza stuffed with sausage, spinach and ricotta cheese – fared much better, with the ricotta giving a nice creamy texture and the spinach preventing it from too heavy.

Given that the chefs were cooking on makeshift stoves, I don't think it would be fair to expect the restaurant’s quality to be the same, but based on what we’ve tasted so far, I think there’s definitely some potential, and wouldn’t mind trying the restaurant proper whenever we next venture to the East.

A says:

The food was as good as can be expected from a makeshift Italian kiosk. I was let down by the deep fried pizza but very impressed by the stuffed pizza. Also, the chef was very friendly and not imposing at all.

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