Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kyo-nichi Ramen

C says:

I used to meet friends here quite often, when my office was still at nearby Capital Square. Since we relocated it’s been too far to walk all the way for lunch, so I haven’t been here for more than a year now.

As such, I’ve completely forgotten how good this place is. It’s absolutely packed at lunchtime, and I’ve waited more than half an hour for my ramen before. When we came on Wednesday night it was practically empty, so our food came barely 5 minutes after we ordered.

Their specialty here is their collagen ramen – so named because of all the collagen goodness that’s extracted from boiling bones for hours on end. You can opt for your soup to be standard, spicy or thick, thick being (presumably) fuller in flavour and more concentrated with collagen.

A had the standard char siew corn ramen, and I ordered the thick char siew ramen, which comes with half an egg.

Both were very very good. The corn was really fresh, crunchy and sweet, and the char siew was very flavourful and tender. The noodles were also of a decent thickness and delightfully springy. I wondered whether the ‘standard v thick’ was just an empty distinction, but after sampling both A’s soup and mine, there was definitely a marked difference. His was a bit weak and thin, and ended up absorbing the flavours of the ingredients like the corn and seaweed. Mine, on the other hard, was a much more intense brown and kept its rich flavour throughout.

I foresee this place being a new after-work place if we’re ever short of ideas on where to go in the vicinity.

A says:

I’m very corny.

Kyo-nichi Ramen
China Court, #01-31 China Square Central
Tel: 6327-3919
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 11.30am to 10pm. Closed Sunday.

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Anonymous said...


I saw your blog on ramen in Singapore. Debbie and I (Andy) a bro and sis pair) are importing some ramen noodles with soup base packs and they are similar taste to those ramen soup noodles you get from Ajisen restaurant.

We hope to let Singaporeans (and maybe Malaysians in future) to have access to value for money and tasty ramen soup noodles at home for the comfort and convenience :)

I wonder if you would like to try some, I can send 2 packs to you. :)

I'll send you photos as well. My email is

Hope to hear from you.

Andy Wong