Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sarawak Noodles: Update

C says:

To those of you out there who work in the Raffles Place area, and like Kolo Mee or Sarawak laksa (yes you, S…), good news! There’s a stall in the newly refurbished May Sin food court, below Golden Shoe food centre, that sells these two dishes. Incidentally, it’s a branch of the one at Jurong East, so just click here for a review.

I ordered the laksa to take-away, and was worried that the bee hoon would absorb all the gravy by the time I got back to work (as bee hoon is wont to do). Imagine my pleasant surprise when they packed the noodles and the gravy separately! I wholly approve! Most of the customers were ordering the Kolo Mee though, definitely the more popular of the two.

I think the Kolo Mee here is better than the slightly too salty one at the popular but slightly overrated Jia Xiang chain, so if you’re in the area, do try and support! Try the Sarawak laksa too; I think more Singaporeans need to discover this dish.

A says:

I am a Singaporean (said with not much pride) and I approve of this dish.

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