Saturday, March 10, 2007

Botak Jones

C says:

The power of the press… We brought D to the Clementi Botak Jones on Saturday night, and it was absolutely packed, even though we tried to beat the crowds a little by going before 7. Almost all the tables in the coffee shop were occupied (we managed to snag the second last one), and the queue to place your order was at best 5 people and at worst about 20 people all night long. A far cry from how it was when we last came here in September last year. I have no doubt that this is (no) thanks to the Sunday Lifestyle article a couple of months back, which featured places that serve cheap and good food, mainly steaks. Oh well, I guess I should be happy for the establishments, but growl… wish it wouldn’t have an adverse impact on me in the process…

It was D’s first visit to any Botak Jones, and I certainly hope she enjoyed her first time. I’m pleased to report that the long queues and massive crowds didn’t affect the quality of the food; it was still just as good as we remembered. We had the chilli, the chicken wings, and A and I shared a You-Crazy-What, triple patty burger.

I think we’ve found a good ordering combination here. Sharing the triple, and a side order or two, is perfect. If I haven’t mentioned before, the burger comes naked, so I’d recommended adding something, just to break up the monotony of all that beef. We had cheese, and D had the sautéed garlic mushrooms. Those work on a single burger, but I would imagine it could get really messy on a triple.

On the menu, it mentioned that Botak Jones is apparently opening yet another branch soon, somewhere in Toa Payoh (I think). Somehow though, I doubt that it’ll ease the congestion of the joints in the West.

A says:

I could say, “The service never fails to impress me and the hamburger was good.”

Or I could say, “Wah lau, the servers actually come up to see how you like the food, like in a real restaurant like that. The hamburger also damn shiok.”

Block 325 Clementi Ave 5
(Kopitiam) #01- 129
Tel: 6774-1225
Tuesday to Sunday: 12 noon to 10 pm
Closed on Monday

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