Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lavender Wan Ton Mee

C says:

A and I went to Jalan Besar today, our final stop in our toilet bowl hunt. After an hour or so of traversing up and down the street (from numbers 391 to 131 and back again) and popping into almost every store that sold loos, we finally had a well deserved lunch at the S21 Lavender Food Square. According to A, the wan ton mee here is famous and sure enough, it was the only stall with a super-long queue.

I decided to wait in line to see what the fuss was about. The queue didn’t seem that long, but just my luck, the stupid tai-tai in front of me decided to ta pao ten packets. TEN! Must have been for some mahjong session or something… Anyway, after waiting for over 15 minutes in line, I thought “Damn, it had better be worth the wait”.

Sure enough, it was. I’m not even a big wan ton mee fan, but from the very first taste you can see why it’s as popular as it is. The noodles were perfectly springy, not soggy at all. The wan tons were tasty, the char siew was lean and tender, but what sets it apart from other wan tan mees is the additional stock that is ladled over the noodles right before serving. It’s not that oily or salty, just adds incredible flavour and prevents the noodles from turning into a clump. Now I half wish we hadn’t bought our toilet bowls today so that we have another excuse to head over to Jalan Besar…

A says:

The place is famous enough as it is so I don’t need to say anything. It’s funny how you can’t miss it because it’s the only stall with a queue barrier.

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