Monday, April 24, 2006

La Petite Cuisine

C says:

Serene Centre seems to be the breeding ground for new and interesting eateries. First Island Creamery, which has recently moved from its humble corner shop to a full-fledged café within Serene Centre. And now, taking over Island Creamery’s old premises is La Petite Cuisine. The main restaurant, La Cuisine, is at Cluny Court next door (the building with Da Paolo, Awfully Chocolate and the new Cold Storage), but they wisely decided to have a presence in Serene Centre. Apart from simple soups and buns, the food is cooked at the Cluny Court branch and carried over (covered, of course) by servers to Serene Centre.

I wasn’t expecting much, even though A had gone a couple of weeks ago and had raved about the escargot croissant. Today the croissant wasn’t on the menu, so we had carrot soup, I had chicken with morel mushroom sauce and pasta, and A had a sirloin steak with gratin potatoes.

At just $8 a dish (the soup was an additional $1.50), I would encourage everyone to try it at least once if you’re in the vicinity. The food was great. The chicken breast was amazingly tender, and the morel mushroom sauce had an incredibly intense flavour. Even the pasta was good, even though it was just salted and served with grated parmesan cheese. A’s sirloin steak was surprisingly good as well. I didn’t have high hopes for the medium rare, mainly because most places in Singapore tend to serve medium rare as medium. However this place proved me wrong, and the steak even survived the journey from Cluny Court, arriving a perfect medium rare.

The Filipino waitress was a little blur though, and somehow A’s order was initially mixed up and he got a duck a l’orange instead. But the guy who brought the food over was very professional and exchanged the dish immediately and without question. Now I feel like going back to try the duck a l’orange.

A says:

Restaurant standard meals in a laidback café setting. Like Choupinette but even more relaxed. The only foreign server there that night was super blur though (the guys running over with the food are infinitely more professional and competent).

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