Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Deli Wheels & New Zealand Natural

C says:

Calling all people working in the Raffles Place area – if you like hot dogs then do support this place. It’s at the basement of Clifford Centre, and it has recently sublet a small section of the restaurant to New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. You can kill two birds with one visit – hot dogs and ice cream. A perfect combination!

Deli Wheels has pork, chicken and veal sausages to choose from, and within those you can get a variety of different flavoured pork and chicken ones. I’m partial towards pork sausages myself, cos I figure if you’re gonna have fundamentally unhealthy food, might as well go the whole hog (no pun intended). A few of the pork choices are – Cheesy, English Brats, Beer Brats (slightly bitter aftertaste), German Brats and Italian. My favourite is the English Brats – it’s classic fat pork sausage with minimal herbs and seasonings. The German Brats isn’t too bad either but it’s a bit softer than the English and lacks the chewiness and bite of the English.

The best thing about this place, and what differentiates it from other hot dog joints, is the condiments counter. You’re served the hot dog naked on a bun, and you get to slather on any and all the toppings you want. And the toppings are proper toppings, not just the perfunctory ketchup and mustard. Here, you have a choice between ketchup, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, curry mustard, wasabi mustard, regular mustard and chilli sauce for the wet toppings, and relish, sauerkraut, chopped onions, jalapeno peppers, capsicums and fried shallots for the dry toppings. The correct order of your ingredients should be – bun, sausage, wet topping, then dry topping.

They have recently diversified and now, in addition to hot dogs they also serve rosti with their sausages, as well as ham and cheese crepes and roast chicken thigh. I haven’t tried the crepe nor the chicken, but I had the rosti on Friday night with a German Brats. It was definitely less messy than the hot dog, but as far as rosti goes, it’s no where near Marche’s standard. I’ll probably stick to their hot dogs from now on.

A says:

Hot dogs and milkshakes – RAWK! Although the hot dogs are a bit too fancy bratwurstsy (not cheapsy wienery) for us simple folk, you can’t beat the toppings and condiments area.

But why doesn’t the New Zealand Natural there serve the Xtreme Shake? Makes no sense that they don’t since they already have a blender and offer normal shakes. Why not just have the nuts and honey as well?

Still, it’s hot dogs and milkshakes. RAWK!


Melven said...

damn straight. had bratwurst last weekend served by a real buff german blonde with tats.

Anonymous said...

hi. do you know if this place still sells hotdogs?