Monday, March 11, 2013

Open Door Policy

C says:

I'm at Yong Siak Street, arguably "the" street of the moment in Tiong Bahru, practically every weekend because of yoga, but I'm done too early to make the most of it. However, A's started classes too, albeit much later, so he's done just in time for me to meet him back there for brunch.

Because we didn't make reservations, we only managed to get a counter seat at Open Door Policy. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we could watch the chefs in action behind the glass-walled kitchen.

I like that they serve their regular menu in addition to their brunch menu; sometimes there's only so many brunch dishes you can have at one go. We decided to have one dish from each menu.

I ordered the Papaduck - duck fillets crusted with pappadum and served with a mint yogurt dip. This was a surprisingly good combination, and while the duck was cooked a bit more than I would like, it wasn't tough and had a lot of flavour.

A had the somewhat more predictable smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and wilted greens. This was a huge portion, and the eggs were lighter and fluffier, and less creamy, than usual scrambled eggs.

The 2 desserts that called to us both required a 20 minute wait - the chocolate and pistachio souffle, and the pineapple tarte tatin with coconut ice cream. We opted for the latter, to our regret. I expected the pineapple to be more caramelised, but instead they were just chunks of canned pineapple. Bit of a letdown.

Watching the kitchen prep and cook the other dishes definitely whet our appetite though. I foresee us coming back here pretty soon to sample some of the other creations that we saw.

A says:

The portions are huge so it's actually pretty good value for money. Surprising for a yipsterTM (yuppie hipster - TM pending) hangout. Highly recommended except for the pineapple tart.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street
Tel: 6221-9307
Lunch: 12 to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm
Weekend Brunch: 11am to 3:30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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