Thursday, March 07, 2013

2Fifteen Kitchen

C says:

This little bistro nestled within the depths of Rochester Mall makes a very viable last minute option. We called for a reservation on a Friday night, but it turns out we didn't need to - there were only 3 tables of 2 when we arrived, and the restaurant was barely half full throughout the course of the evening.

We started with a lobster bisque, and escargots on toast. The bisque was pretty potent yet not too rich or creamy. I thought the escargots on toast was a nice alternative to the usual garlic butter-in-shells preparation, but I wasn't a fan of the cranberry vinaigrette on the salad.

Cousin L recommended this place, specifically the prawn capellini, and when the waiter also vouched for it as one of the restaurant's specialities, we had to order it. Granted, it had some pretty good flavours, but I think it would have been better with a slightly thicker pasta, like maybe a spaghettini, rather than the super-fine capellini. It ended up tasting a bit like fried bee hoon.

After much deliberation, we ordered the risotto with smoked duck and foie gras. To our surprise, this surpassed the capellini. The risotto was just shy of being perfectly cooked and oozy, but the flavour more than made up for it. The chopped-up smoked duck added a ton of flavour, and the pan fried foie was perfect.

The apple tart with ice cream was surprising - the "tart" was actually a really thin apple-flavoured cross between filo and puff pastry, with the ice cream served on a separate plate. Not really my thing; I'll probably pass on the desserts next time.

My first thought when I saw it so empty was that it didn't bode well, but the food was actually pretty good, so I think it's just down to feng shui/location. Rochester Mall is already very much in the shadow of Star Vista, and 2Fifteen is tucked away on the second floor, away from general foot traffic. Quite a pity, because it's definitely an understated hidden gem.

A says:

A hidden gem indeed. The menu is pretty simple for a "fancy" generic European restaurant but the flavours are all very strong. Service is also relaxed, helpful and friendly. The waiter said they did the foie really well and true enough, it was great. I hope more people start coming here because I like it and it's worrying to see it so empty. It may be a branding thing because it doesn't really cut it as the fine dining place it's trying to be. But it could work assomething less stuffy.

2Fifteen Kitchen
35 Rochester Drive
#02-15 Rochester Mall
Tel: 6659-8215
Tues to Sun: 11.30 am - 10 pm
Closed on Monday


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