Tuesday, October 30, 2012


C says:

In case it’s not apparent by now, we’ve become quite the frequenters of Star Vista mall. Yes, I still think it’s quite a monstrosity, but I have to grudgingly admit that it has quite a mind-boggling array of eateries, and with ample parking this has become quite a hangout for us of late.

We’re always on the lookout for good frozen yogurt, and our favourite so far is Red Mango’s original, for its creamy texture and just the right mix of tart and sweet. Sogurt comes pretty close though, and what sets Sogurt apart is a pretty extensive selection of flavours. At any given time they have 6 – original and 5 other flavours, and while most other yogurt joints only do their original well, Sogurt’s flavours are all pretty damn good.

It’s all self service – take a cup, dispense any flavours you want, and pay according to weight. Besides original, the green apple and lychee flavours are also outstanding. For a while they had chocolate, which was rich enough that you could almost (but not quite) imagine that you were having soft serve ice cream instead.

At Star Vista, they’re conveniently located right next to the taxi stand/pick-up point, making it really easy for A to swing by on the way home and wait in the car while I run in to get our yogurt fix. The fact that they close at 10.30 pm is an even bigger plus. We just need to remind ourselves that low fat doesn’t mean fat-free, sugar-free or most importantly, calorie-free.

Oh well. At least it’s good for digestion...?

A says:

So good. In terms of original yogurt flavour, it’s probably my second favourite (after Red Mango), but what sets this apart are the sweet and sorbet-like lychee and green apple flavours. We’ve been back many times so the proof, as they don’t say, is in the yogurt.

1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-34 Star Vista

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i am new here and i am trying to be blatantly honest with the fact that Sogurt DOES NOT SERVE LOW-FAT yogurt AT ALL. This is really a disappointment when i found out too. I was at the Serangoon Nex shopping mall outlet and the workers were using FULL CREAM MILK to make the thing that they claim is low-fat but it is not. Yogurt is good and i love to have it at least 2 x a week but i cannot hestitated and tve that they serve 100% FAT MILK. Still they claim it is LOW-FAT etc etc. Such an embarrassment. I actually confronted the workers one day as i could not stand it, they still hesitated and put the milk aside. I am not accusing but you can witness with your very own eye when you visit any of their outlet. I also been to newly renovated outlet at upper bukit timah and yes, they use the same FULL CREAM MILK They know their recipe well and still have the cheek to claim they are low in fat content. I can assure you that Yami yogurt, Yogugu, Red Mango, Frutti Truitti and other many yogurt chain serves low-fat milk as i had the chance to have a brief talk with the people there. They daringly showed me the type of low-fat milk they use. If you do not want to be a victim, please spread the word. I can tell you it is as unhealthy as ice cream. Cheers to you.