Thursday, October 18, 2012

Menya Musashi’s other outlets

C says:

Since opening their first outlet at Raffles City, Menya Musashi have opened two more outlets – one at ION Orchard, and another at Star Vista mall at Buona Vista. Thankfully both are fairly easily accessible for us.

I like that in addition to their usual menu, they make a point to offer a few different dishes that are unique to each outlet. At the Star Vista outlet, they have a seared smoked duck that’s pretty tasty. The aburi chicken tsukemen though, sounded better than it tasted. The chicken was way overcooked, to the point of being dry and stringy.

Over at ION, the specialty is an aburi pork belly. It features in both a ramen/tsukemen, and in a chashu don. The tsukemen wasn’t too bad, with the pork belly packing lots of flavour. I’m still partial to the regular cha shu tsukemen though.

What I did find amazing was the chashu don. They take the aburi pork belly and shred/mince it, and layer it on top of Japanese rice. The smoky flavours really come through, and having it together with the rice balances out the strong flavours very well.

All things considered, if you’re looking to try their classic cha shu tsukemen for the very first time, I’d recommend heading to Raffles City; I think they do it best over there.

A says:

I LOVE tsukemen!!!

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