Sunday, April 15, 2012


C says:

Why on earth did it take us this long to try Gyu Kaku?! We've walked past the outlet at UE Square for years, but maybe the posters advertising wagyu beef promotions costing $200 gave us the impression that it was beyond our budget.

Yes, they do offer some pretty lavish wagyu beef items, and they certainly don't come cheap, but if you bypass those and just order the regular meats, prices aren't all that astronomical.

We actually tried the Anchorpoint branch, which took over the building that used to house Zhou's Kitchen. We had a really good waiter who helpfully recommended portion sizes and marinades, and I was very impressed that he didn't pressure us to over-order. I actually wanted to order a kimchee soup, but he suggested that since it wasn’t that crowded, we wait and see after the rest of the food arrived, and if we were still hungry we could order the soup. He was right – we just full enough and the soup would’ve pushed us over the edge.

We decided to do a taste test - wagyu beef karubi and regular karubi. I'm ashamed to admit that our peasant palates actually preferred the regular beef. Granted, the wagyu karubi had slightly more pronounced beefy flavour, but it was also slightly tough. In comparison, the regular karubi was only slightly less flavourful but much more tender.

The beef tongue was good too. It was sliced very thinly, and came with sliced scallions and lemon juice. I liked the tongue but I think I prefer the karubi.

We tried a couple of other meats too - the kurobuta pork collar, and a lamb neck fillet. The pork was quite good, but it was the lamb, in a basil marinade, that stole the show. The meat was tender, really flavourful, and went perfectly with the slightly herby basil marinade.

I left feeling very happy and very satisfied. Our bill was around $110, but I can imagine that if we were really in our element, we could rack up a heftier sum. Food was really good though, as was the service, and we're definitely coming back to try more meats, as well as some of the seafood and vegetable items.

A says:

Great beef. What really impressed me was our waiter. Very helpful without hovering too much. Highly recommended.

It’s not cheap for the area so it wasn’t too crowded. I hope they don’t close. I’ll definitely be back.

368 Alexandra Road
Tel: 6479-4001
Open daily: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm; 5.30 pm – 10.30 pm

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Anonymous said...

Gyu-Kaku is having an ala-carte buffet promotion at their Anchorpoint Branch. Check out their facebook page gyu-kaku@anchorpoint for more info.