Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cine Cafe

C says:

Our favourite Canteen at Shaw Centre is closing very soon, but on our last visit they assured us that most of their menu would remain available at Cine Cafe, on the cinema level.

Not everything from the old menu is here. One notable omission which I’m very distressed about is their pan fried carrot cake. Still, our usual suspects are still on the menu – the XO lo shi fun, soupy mee tai mak and A’s waffles.

In fact, now his waffle order actually comes with bananas; previously the default was strawberries, and we’d ask them to swap the strawberries for sliced bananas, which would confuse some of the newer servers. Maybe after our constant orders, they realised that waffles with bananas was a more enticing option.

I had the fish bee hoon soup. At Canteen, you could opt for either poach or fried fish slices, and I would opt for poached to be a bit healthier. Here it’s only fried, but I’m impressed that the fish is served separately so it doesn’t get soggy in the soup. The fish slices were surprisingly very well fried – really light batter and not oily.

I expected service to be quite bad since it’s almost a glorified fast food joint, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were polite, efficient and very professional.

I’m not sure exactly when Canteen is closing its doors for good, but I feel better knowing that Cine Cafe is a good replacement.

A says:           

Nice. Good service. Decent food at decent prices.

Cine Cafe
350 Orchard Road
#05-21 Shaw House
Tel: 6735-8858


Vic Sparagucci said...

The waffle with the banana is really appealing!!

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for the XO lo shi fun..... can down two servings at one go!

I remember they were closing but could not remember where the waiters told us they were shifting to.... thank goodness for your blog!