Monday, January 02, 2012

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

C says:

Just an update on Wild Honey:

1)      They’ve opened a second outlet at the newly opened Scotts Square

2)      This outlet actually accepts reservations

3)      They have a few dishes that are only available at Scotts and not at Mandarin Gallery

Well, the point about accepting reservations is a bit suspect, because they only let you have your table when your entire party is physically present and accounted for. When we tried to tell them that A was just parking the car, and we knew what we wanted to order, they fobbed us off with a “yes yes, we’re just setting the table now”, but coincidentally the table was ready just when A arrived. We overheard some other people, who had also made reservations but were still left standing around outside, getting quite frustrated as well.

The 2 dishes that are only available here are the Aussie (a rib-eye steak sandwich) and the Norwegian. We were here with W and M – M ordered the Aussie and I had the Norwegian, while A had the European (eggs benedict) and W had the full English brekkie.

The Norwegian is an eggs ben with smoked salmon, avocado and grilled asparagus. The brioche on which it rests is also grilled, adding a nice smokiness that distinguishes it from the regular European eggs ben. I actually prefer this to the European, because of the addition of the crisp asparagus.

They opened at Scotts fairly recently, so I hope the madness with the reservations was only a temporary hiccup, plus the fact that it was a Boxing Day public holiday. I hope things calm down somewhat, because while you’re made to feel like they’re doing you a favour by allowing you to dine there, you can’t deny that they serve some pretty good brunch offerings.

A says:

Great food. Great coffee. Great service once you get in. Unfortunately, getting in is the big problem. And honestly, it’s really not worth waiting an hour for.

Wild Honey at Scotts Square
3rd floor, Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
Tel: 6636-1816
Open daily: 9 am to 10 pm

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