Saturday, October 08, 2011

Garrett Popcorn

C says:

It's all my colleague S's fault for getting me (re)hooked on Garrett popcorn. She brought a bag of the Chicago Mix to work one day and I'd been craving it since then.

Good thing that Garrett is now everywhere, not just RWS. I satisfied my craving when I was at 313 Somerset the other day.

The Chicago Mix is a combination of two flavours - the Cheesecorn and the Caramelcrisp. It's a genius combi cos it really is the best of both worlds. The Cheesecorn is so cheesy that it stains your fingers neon orange almost immediately, but it has that trademark airy texture of popcorn. The Caramelcrisp is coated with a crisp slightly salted caramel glaze, and while too much is definitely quite cloying, the cheese and the caramel balance each other out perfectly.

My only criticism is that at $8 for a small bag, this really doesn't come cheap. Then again, it's not something we should be indulging in regularly anyway.

A says:

Popcorn’s good, but the portion sizes are too big for a normal person. I’d probably need to share with a few, or a dozen, people. After eating too much on my own, I’ve given myself a cough and constipation. Ewww...

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