Saturday, September 10, 2011

Iron Chef Roll Cake

C says:

This is part of Isetan Scotts' Autumn Kyushu Fair, which is on from now till 19 September. Billed as a recipe collaboration with Iron Chef Sakai, it combines a super light sponge cake roll with a creme caramel-like pudding in the centre.

Out of the 4 flavours available, only 2 are pudding rolls - the maple syrup and matcha green tea. Two others are regular roll cakes - plain and chocolate.

We bought the maple syrup pudding roll, which was amazingly light notwithstanding the pudding centre. It had just the right amount of cream, and a distinctive yet not overwhelming maple syrup flavour.

Because of the pudding centre, the shelf life of the cake is at most 2 days, but trust me, it's so good that you won't have any trouble finishing it in less than that.

A says:

Super light, super tasty. The pudding centre is a bit weird at first, but the contrast in textures makes it much more interesting than a normal roll. I might try the green tea one if we’re in the area next week.

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