Monday, August 29, 2011

Mooncakes 2011

C says:

Yes, it’s mooncake season yet again. After last year’s slightly disappointing showing, I decided to forego Szechuan Court’s snowskin assortment, in favour of a few new kids on the block.

Since almost everything that the Paradise Group puts out generally doesn’t disappoint, I decided to try their snowskin mooncakes this year. They have a duo that features both types of truffle – of the chocolate and the fungi variety. The white one has a white chocolate truffle scented with white truffle, and the black one has a dark chocolate truffle with black truffle. Both were paired with white lotus paste and gold-dusted snowskin.

These were very interesting, though definitely an acquired taste. Whilst truffle paired with something sweet is not unheard of (think truffle honey), it’s still slightly disconcerting to have a faint musky truffle aroma lingering in the background of a familiar taste of mooncake.

The mooncake quality itself was excellent. The lotus paste was very refined, and the snowskin was really thin and soft (they dried out pretty quickly though, so eat them fast!).

Majestic Restaurant has some interesting flavours this year as well. They have a snowskin with kopi luwak (civet cat coffee) lotus paste, and a fresh milk snow skin with yuan yang (a mixture of coffee and tea) lotus paste. We opted for the latter.

The yuan yang flavour of the lotus paste was quite authentic, and it all but masked the usual lotus paste flavour. However, because there wasn’t any truffle in the center, I found it a bit too dense and heavy. What I like about the chocolate-centred snowskin mooncakes is that it’s really just a chocolate masquerading as a mooncake. The lotus paste complements it by adding a new dimension, but ultimately it’s still a chocolate.

My usual Raffles Hotel baked Mother of Pearl mooncakes are on the way, as are Jewels Artisan Chocolate’s salt caramel truffle snowskins, so I really better do double time at the gym for the next few weeks.

Mooncake season is until 12 September, so better hurry if you still want to catch any of this year's offerings.

A says

I’m not a fan of mooncakes at all. If anything, I’ll have a few of the snowskin variety. Please see C’s review if you want an opinion on this.

C says:

Isn’t that pretty much the case for everything that we review...?

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