Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar

C says:

We read about this newly-opened cafe in IS magazine, and since it’s located at one-north residences, it made for a convenient brunch venue after our morning gym session at the nearby Fitness First. Coincidentally, it also owned and run by an old classmate of mine and her husband, a Melbournian who was keen to recreate a true blue Ozzie cafe experience.

Their coffees are compliments of a Slayer espresso machine, apparently Singapore’s first. A ordered the flat white, and I went for the Cortado. The coffee was quite strong and aromatic, yet not particularly astringent or bitter – the mark of a good coffee, I guess. Next time I’ll go for a flat white or latte though. I think my coffee palate isn’t quite ready for the potency of the Cortado.

I toyed with a few options and decided on the classic fry up, which on hindsight perhaps was too safe a choice. I liked the bacon and the sausage, but I found the sage mushrooms a bit of an afterthought. I’ll go with my other option next time – the vegemite and cheese toast soldiers with a soft-boiled egg.

A had the tartine with goat’s cheese, smoked duck and honey. The honey was surprisingly drizzled on the accompanying mesclun salad rather than on the open-faced sandwich; I would have preferred the latter, but overall it made for a pretty good combination.

They don’t take reservations for groups smaller than 5, which could pose a problem because it was surprisingly full at about 1 pm on National Day. Still, it’s quite close to home/the gym for us, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for a weekend brunch.

A says:

Excellent coffee. Decent food. Nice atmosphere. Easy parking at the condo. (Just tell the guard you’re there for the cafe, although unlike most condos, you have to pay for parking – keeps out the riff-raff I guess.) I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s definitely made the list as a casual weekend option near our place.

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar
9 one-north gateway
#01-51 one-north residences
Tel: 6777-8470
Sun to Thurs: 8.30 am to 8.30 pm
Fri & Sat: 8.30 am to late
Closed Mondays


robin said...
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robin said...

I just discovered this place too. I like the atmosphere and the coffee is quite good.

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Just a suggestion...