Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Japan Diet – 6 months on

C says:

Some of you may have read about my Japan Diet trial from early this year. In case you’re wondering how we’re getting on and whether it works, we thought we’d give a quick update.

We’ve more or less kept with it for the past 6 months, and we recently did a repeat lipid test just to see if it’s yielded any results.

I’m happy to report that while I’m not sure about us losing heaps of weight, it’s certainly done wonders for our cholesterol levels. Both A’s and my HDL (good cholesterol) levels have gone up, and our LDL (bad cholesterol) levels have done down. Yes, we also started taking a fish oil and plant sterol supplement around the same time that we started the Japan Diet, so that may have contributed as well, but overall, I’m sure the Japan Diet played no small part in our improved results.

Looks like the Japan Diet is here to stay.

A says:

Vinegar rice! Yum.


yixiao said...

kudos to your diet!

feeling good and being healthy is wayyy better than losing weight.

Robin said...

Make sure your triglycerides are also going down. With HDL going up and triglycerides coming down, you can pretty much ignore the total cholesterol number.

But if the triglycerides are going up then you need to check that the carb load in your diet isn't too high for you. Still, HDL is (especially for women) the best indicator of heart health.

Good job!