Saturday, March 12, 2011

Octa Hotel

C says:

This quaint little Parisian-style Japanese cafe is a calm respite within Parco at Millennia. We’ve always bypassed it in favour of something else, because they mainly serve sandwiches and desserts and we’ve always been more in the mood for proper meals but this morning we decided it was finally time to try it.

A had the Tri-colour sandwich, which was a triple decker sandwich with an omelette, tomatoes and salad, and served with tortilla chips. This looked quite boring but surprisingly it actually tasted very good – simple and very clean flavours.

The Grilled Bacon sandwich initially called to me, but after reading that it had all sorts of grilled vegetables as well, I decided on the Parisian Dog instead. On hindsight after tasting A’s sandwich, I think this was a mistake. The sausage in the hotdog was good, but the bread was too hard and chewy, and there wasn’t enough cheese. Seeing how well they do their sandwiches, I think the bacon sandwich would’ve been a better bet. Oh well, next time.

I ordered a rather strange dessert that consisted of vanilla ice cream and little rum and raisin cheese balls in a pool of foamy royal milk tea, a bit like affrogato style. The cheese balls were just plain weird but otherwise, this was quite refreshing. A went with a royal milk tea float which was also quite good. Maybe we’ll try their parfaits next time, which we saw at another table and looked good, but HUGE.

Service was extremely polite, to the point where you could almost feel like you’re in Japan.

A says:

I love it! Like a slice of Japanese faux-French cafe food in Singapore. Was the food mind blowing or even above average? No. But the overall experience was great.

Octa Hotel
#P1-39, Parco @ Marina Bay
Tel: 6336-4614
Open daily: 10.30 am to 9.30 pm


Anonymous said...

:) you should try the French Toast and the Rum&Raisin Parfait there - they are out of this world!

Carla said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Aldora Muses said...

I have visited this cafe some time ago for dinner and i loved their desserts (only, sadly). I tried their pasta and it was the greatest let-down..

Pls do drop by my blog to read my detailed review of the place @