Saturday, March 05, 2011

Osia again

C says:

After that very impressive lunch at Osia, we’ve been planning a trip back at dinner, and got our chance when we again persuaded W and M to accompany us on Saturday night.

I’m afraid our experience this time wasn’t quite as awesome as our first visit at lunch. Maybe because we no longer had the element of surprise, or perhaps the price that you pay really does affect your expectations of your dining experience, but the general consensus was that the food may have been good, but it certainly wasn’t worth the price compared to lunch.

A and I started with the Seafood Ice Experience – a selection of 6 flavoured granitas, ranging from blood orange to lychee margarita, and each paired with a different seafood, like oyster, salmon tartare and scallop. This was interesting purely because it was so novel, but taste-wise I’m not sure that I liked any of them enough to order this again.

I’ve been eyeing the green asparagus risotto since I first saw it on the menu. The description just called to me – risotto with asparagus, 62 degree egg, black truffle and parmesan crisp. This wasn’t too bad; the egg was really good and acted like an instant sauce, but I found the risotto a bit too stiff and not oozy enough.

A’s main course was delicious – a sampler of marron (some kind of crayfish), diver scallop and smoked cured cod, served with whipped potato, peas and a crab essence. The crab essence was super flavourful and all the seafood was really well cooked, but $60 for a tiny plateful that can be wolfed down in about 8 bites?!

W’s main course is worth a mention. It was Black Angus beef tenderloin with a blueberry risotto and bone marrow sauce. The beef was perfectly medium rare, and while the risotto seemed a bit disconcertingly sweet, I think it went quite well with the dish as a whole.

M had his valrhona chocolate soup, and the 3 of us shared the macadamia tart and a cheese platter of blue cheese with muscatel grapes and truffled honeycomb. The cheese with the honey was excellent; the macadamia tart was a tad overpowering and curry crumble that came with it was interesting but perhaps just a bit too interesting for me.

Service was still good, but as it was more crowded, we didn’t get as personalised service as we did previously. When we ordered the flatbread, we were slightly disappointed to get the tomato basil dip again, since they only serve one type a week, so what are the odds that we’d get the same one again? Towards the end of dinner, I noticed that the table next to us had the smoked eggplant dip. I was a bit upset – we had 2 orders of flatbread tonight so the least they could do was to give us 2 different dips right? I raised this with the waiter, who apologetically said they had to break out the new dip because they’d run out of the previous one, and nicely offered to let me try a tube of the eggplant one. (For the record, the tomato basil one is much better)

Also, when the grill in the kitchen is in full force, it can get pretty smelly in the restaurant so I’d recommend that you ask for a table further from the kitchen.

A says:

Awesome meal. But is it worth the price? I think not. Seriously, my main was finished in 6 bites. While I would wholeheartedly recommend the set lunch here, the dinner portions are tiny.

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Anonymous said...

Never dragged! Almost had to beg for an invite to these food tasting occasions!! Heh. *muacks* W

Jasmine said...

Great blog; happy I found you!very informative and great photography!