Saturday, October 30, 2010


C says:

After hearing that the Bugis Junction branch attracted snaking queues when it first opened, we were expecting more of a crowd this morning at the Tanglin Mall branch. When we got there slightly before 12, it was almost empty – we were the third table. It filled up later on, presumably after the various kiddie enrichment activities in the Mall ended for the morning.

Their specialty is grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce. You can choose varying heats – Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot. Since this is essentially a fast food chain, I assumed their thresholds were pretty low, so I went with the Extra Hot on my grilled ¼ chicken thigh.

The chicken was awesome – one of the most tender pieces of chicken I’ve ever had. The meat pretty much just fell from the bone, but not in a slow-cooked stew kind of way either. The chicken had a good chargrilled flavour, and was enhanced by the peri-peri sauce. The Extra Hot had quite a kick to it, but not in an unbearable way.

I didn’t order sides with my chicken because I wanted to try one of the starters – the Chicken Livers with Portuguese Roll. The roll turned out to be just a mini baguette of sorts. The livers were delicious as well – perfectly cooked and still creamy inside.

A doesn’t like navigating chicken bones, so he went with a really boring chicken kebab. To give them credit, they managed to cooked the chicken breast pretty well – it was quite tender. Still, it was a far cry from my chicken thigh, and since the meat came of the bone so easily, A is convinced to order the grilled chicken instead next time.

A says:

The ¼ chicken of C’s was fantastic. My kebab, not so much. The service wasn’t exactly stellar either. But I guess we’ll be back to a Nando’s at some point. Maybe the Bugis branch if it’s not too crowded.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-14/15, Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6338-6555
Open daily: 10 am to 10 pm

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Nando's Singapore said...

thanks for the review! glad that u enjoyed Nando's =]