Friday, October 29, 2010


C says:

My colleague recommended this place to me, and specifically the thick slices of salmon sashimi and the chawanmushi. When I did a bit of prior research on it, I realised that it used to be called Wasabi-Tei, and was located at Far East Plaza. It was a tiny little joint that didn’t accept reservations, and had a scary, bordering on Soup Nazi-esque chef/owner.

When they moved to Mohamed Sultan Road, they renamed themselves Chikuwa-Tei, and got themselves a bigger space and could accept bookings. We called at 7.45 and just managed to snag a table at 8 pm.

I ordered the chirashi sushi and A had a sushi and udon set. His was ok, but paled in comparison to the chirashi. My colleague was right – they’re very generous with their slices of fish, and everything in the bowl was good. In particular, what shone were the salmon, which was sliced very thick and was rich and creamy, the swordfish, and surprisingly the tamago as well. The rice was also well cooked and nicely vinegared.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the chawanmushi here is probably the best I’ve ever had. The egg almost seems secondary, because it’s so chockfull of ingredients. Loads of enoki and shimeji mushrooms, chunks of chicken, cubes of incredibly fresh prawns, and even some konnyaku at the bottom to mimic sharks fin. The dashi stock is also very delicately balanced, and the egg perfectly smooth. At $5 per bowl, this is heaven. I may just have 2 of these as my meal next time.

Service was also very good – polite and very quick. We were in and out in half an hour. Another good place for an after work dinner, assuming we manage to get a reservation.

A says:

Awesome. Great food. Great service. Definitely a new regular for us.

9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6738-9395
Open daily: 11.30 am to 3 pm; 6 pm to 10 pm


Anonymous said...

hey! the Exec Chef has left since Feb 2012. ever since after one trial with the new chef, my friends and i don’t bother to return after tasting such lousy food. total disappointment. heard that the nazi Exec Chef will be back in action soon. he has a fb which i've been following till now and heard that he making a return! come add him on fb!/peter.teo.549 and stay abreast of where he is. spread the words mate, so that everyone of us can enjoy great and quality food! cheerios~ :)

Anonymous said...

his FB latest...