Monday, January 04, 2010

Update: Sunset Bar and Grill

C says:

Just a quick update on Sunset Bar and Grill:

1) They are still at the Seletar Airbase, but some of the roads have changed slightly. Simply following signs to “East Camp” no longer works. You now have to follow the tiny makeshift signs that say “Sunset”.

2) Their buffalo wing levels now go up to #35. There are the usual levels 1 to 10, then arbitrary levels of 25, 30 and 35, based on a Wall of Fame that has very recently been established.

3) As a result, I think they have dumbed down the spiciness of the regular levels 1 to 10. We went on Sunday night with A’s friends, expecting to scorch our tongues with level 5. We ordered levels 2 and 5, and 5 was disappointingly just mildly hotter than level 2. Feeling buay song, we ordered level 8, which turned out to be not much hotter than the level 4 that we had on previous visits.

All in all, a very disappointing experience. Plus service sucked. What a pity – this used to be my go-to place for a satisfying hot wing experience, but now I don’t think it’s worth the hassle nor the wait.

A says:

What C said.

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reiz said...

They are still there? I thought it's supposed to be relocated or closed like ages ago man!

This is a hidden find place but the food is really just bleh.