Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home-made curry puffs

C says:

Not, not made by me. This is actually the name of the stall at Toa Payoh. For those of you familiar with the Bukit Timah area, this is the pyramid curry puff that used to be at Bouganvillea Park, near the bus stop. It moved when they decided to spruce up the park (though in my opinion it doesn’t look all that much better now), and for years I wondered if she re-opened anywhere.

Finally, a couple of months ago an article appeared in the Sunday Times, featuring the ex-Bouganvillea Park pyramid curry puffs. After Bukit Timah, Madam Moh opened a stall at Balestier, before settling at her current locale in Toa Payoh.

Maybe childhood food memories play a big part, but to me this is the best curry puff ever. The pastry is paper thin yet not too fragile, crisp yet not too oily. She’s extremely generous with the filling, which consists of potatoes, a wedge of hard boiled egg and tender chicken thigh pieces. This is how Old Chang Kee curry puffs used to be, before they exploded into the global brand they are now and became machine rather than hand-made.

Now that I’ve re-discovered Madam Moh, I’m going to make a point to patronise her stall every once in a while. I’ve even taken down her number so that if she ever were to move again, I’ll know where to track her down.

A says:

Curry puffs aren’t my thing. I’m more into Powerpuffs. Fighting crime, trying to save the world...

Home-Made Curry Puffs
Block 19, Toa Payoh Lorong 7
Tel: 9389-4408
Closed on Mondays

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