Sunday, June 21, 2009


C says:

Finally! An ice cream joint that keeps their durian ice cream segregated from the rest of the flavours! Udders gets my support purely for this reason alone. They have 3 display units in total – 1 for the durian flavours (2 different types of durian), 1 for the regular flavours, and 1 for the alcohol-spiked ‘adult’ flavours.

Udders first opened near United Square, and recently opened right next door to Don Quijote at Lorong Kilat. Despite being totally stuffed on Sunday afternoon after the Don Quijote buffet, we dropped in just to see what flavours they had to offer. The server was really friendly, offering us tastes of almost all the flavours even though we said we were too full and promised to return.

The alcohol flavours pack a serious punch; definitely not for kids, or even folks like A with a low alcohol tolerance. The rum and raisin I tried was more rum than anything, and A tried a seriously spiked Baileys & Bourbon too.

The one flavour I’m definitely going back for is the Kick S Salt Caramel (or something like that). Come on, with a name like that, how can I resist?! It’s essentially a burnt caramel with a hint of salt, and I was sold by just one taste. A ended up getting a rather interesting flavour combining vanilla ice cream, honeycomb pieces and chocolate chips. The richness and texture of the ice cream is somewhat in between gelato and Island Creamery, and certainly better than Daily Scoop. We’re definitely going pop by after our next visit to Don Quijote.

A says:

I’d recommend this place just cause they keep their durian in a separate kelvinator so the horrid taint of durian doesn’t spread to the other flavours. Having said that, I really didn’t find any of the other flavours to my taste, not even the Vanilla Beanz. The very friendly staff kept offering samples to me and out of shear paiseh-ness, I went with the Snickers Bar with Honey flavour.

17 Lorong Kilat
#01-08 Kilat Court
Tel: 6466-1055
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon – 11 pm
Fri, Sat and eve of Pub Hol: 12 noon to 12 midnight

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shoptoomuch said...

Am SO going there just for the Baileys & Bourbon / Salty Caramel! Goodbye diet :(