Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tierney’s Cafe

C says:

Tierney’s, our trusty ‘neighbourhood’ grocer because of our weekend visits to Comics Mart, has just carved out a section of their shop space and turned it into a cosy little cafe. This is very no frills – they sell drinks, pastries like danishes, sausage rolls and chicken pies, and simple sandwiches that are either pre-made or can be made to order, using their existing array of cold cuts.

They also have a limited variety of hot food items, like fish and chips, all day breakfast and a daily special. When we went on Sunday the daily special was a pan fried soya sauce pork served with rice. The portion was quite small but it was right up my alley – pork belly drizzled with dark soy sauce and plain white rice. It was simple but surprisingly tasty.

A went with the all day breakfast – fried egg, chipolata sausages, baked beans, ham and bacon, served with 2 slices of white toast and butter. Again this was quite basic and old school but not bad if you’re looking for simple, hawker centre Western food-type breakfasts. And at least here you know the meats and sausages are Tierney’s quality.

In terms of variety and taste, this will never replace La Petite Cuisine downstairs, but on days when you just want a light bite and the offerings at La Petite are just too rich and heavy, Tierney’s Cafe isn’t a bad alternative.

A says:

I wouldn’t recommend the cooked-to-order stuff really. The portions are small for the price and taste average. The pastries at Tierney’s however have always been excellent. And overall, we’ll still probably add this to our viable dining options when we come to Serene Centre.

Also, as part of our austerity drive, I’m trying to convince C to do reviews of instant noodles (yes, after 7 months of unemployment, it has come to that). Leave a comment if you’re interested in reading that.

Tierney’s Cafe
#02-20 Serene Centre
Mon to Sat: 9 am to 8 pm
Sun: 9 am to 5 pm


S of M&S&E said...

A review of instant noodles. Yes please! Totally up my alley. For the record I think the best chicken flavored instant noodles is Nissin "Chu Kian Yi Din", best dry noodles is Myojo Ramen Char Mee and best spicy noodles is "Shin" Ramyuen! Let's see how your ratings compare!

atetoomuch said...

Heh. Ok, but gotta give us some time, I try not to give in to my cravings to eat it almost every night.