Thursday, January 01, 2009

More from Prive Bakery Cafe

C says:

Happy new year, and just a quick one on a couple more dishes that we tried at Prive for brunch today.

A’s choice of scrambled eggs with toast and smoked salmon was a winner. Granted that almost anything with smoked salmon would be perfect for A, but objectively this was simply and very well executed. The eggs were really creamy but not overly rich, and the smoked salmon was nice and smoky without being excessively salty.

Mine was called The Fabulous Prive Burger, but unfortunately it was anything but. It’s a 200g wagyu patty topped with gruyere cheese and crispy onion rings, which had so much potential but the execution fell flat. The meat was packed way too tightly, such that for a 200g patty it looked pretty tiny.

Then they cooked it to death. When I ordered it they even (almost condescendingly) said they do the burger medium rare, to which I responded that that was perfect. What was finally served to me was more like medium well or even well done – all the juices had either been squeezed out from the tightly formed patty, or dried out from over cooking. The only thing that redeemed this dish was the fries.

The food took ages to arrive today – we had to wait about half an hour, so what was supposed to be a fairly quick brunch ended up taking way longer than expected.

Definitely no “Fabulous” burgers for me here, but I’m not ruling this place out entirely, because everything else we've tried so far has been pretty good. The breakfast and pasta items seem to be a safe bet, and if you come prepared to laze the day away, you won’t get impatient if the food takes a little longer than you’d like.

A says:

Really good scrambled eggs and salmon. Everything else was so-so. Still, the best thing about the place is still the environment.

Prive Bakery & Café
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Tel: 6776-0777
Sun to Thurs: 9 am – 1 am (kitchen opens 10 am; last orders midnight)
Fri to Sat: 9 am – 2 am (kitchen opens 10 am; last orders 1 am)


Anonymous said...

My friends and I tried Prive Bakery Cafe for the 1st time on 17 Jan. It was really bad. read about my review here.

Anonymous said...

Would have to agree with the early comment. The Bakery Cafe is really bad!

Perhaps our expectations of freshly cooked breakfast were a little to high.

All we received was rubbery cold precooked meals (all 3)

After complaining that the food as not hot or fresh it was whisked away, reheated in the microwave and brought back