Friday, January 09, 2009

Bella Pizza

C says:

I definitely underestimated Bella Pizza. A colleague recommended it to me, so we went there after work on Friday without making any reservations, fully expecting it to be half empty. To our surprise, they were completely fully booked (indeed, the entire Robertson Quay area was pretty buzzing, to the point that you may wonder “what recession?”), and the chef only took pity on us when we promised to be done by 8.15, which is when the reservation for that table was.

It was the speediest dinner we’ve ever had. We were greedy and had a starter, main and dessert, but we told them to bring everything as soon as it was ready. We shared a rather interesting starter, which had cubes of buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes wrapped into a parcel with parma ham. This sounded better than it actually was. The mozzarella was a bit hard and wasn’t really creamy, and the parma ham was a bit chewy and quite salty.

The pasta was only slightly better. The concept was good – fettucine with Italian sausage and truffles and a touch of cream – and the actual sauce and sausage was quite tasty, but the pasta was a bit undercooked. I’m not sure if that’s their version of al dente, or whether they were rushing to serve us the food so that we’d eat and go.

The meal was more than redeemed by the pizza though. I guess that’s why the place is called Bella Pizza. They have both red (with tomato sauce) and white (without) pizzas. We ordered the Mascarpone pizza from the white pizza section – mascarpone cheese, mushrooms and truffle oil. When hot this was absolutely heavenly. The mascarpone cheese was soft, rich and oozy, and the distinctive aroma of truffle oil never hurts. The crust was thin and crispy and perfectly delicious on its own.

The pasta portion is pretty small and the pizza is also pretty light because the crust is so thin and it’s not loaded with toppings. I’m clearly trying to justify our ordering dessert… Because you can never have enough mascarpone, we had the crepes with mascarpone, nutella and banana. Again, with a combination like that you can’t really go wrong.

Well we’ve learnt our lesson. Next time we'll definitely make a reservation, or alternatively just takeaway a couple of pizzas for dinner.

A says:

Excellent food and service. I’d like to come back with a reservation and try more things.

Bella Pizza
30 Robertson Quay
#01-14 Riverside View
Tel: 6734-0139

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ah Teo said...

the food and service was pretty good and prompt. thanks to your recommendation I got to go there and try it myself. I got all the same items. yummy!!