Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hokkaido Sandwich and Sashimi Deli

C says:

L brought me to a new Japanese deli for lunch yesterday. It’s right opposite our office, within the new Sail @ Marina Bay. They sell sushi, sashimi and chirashi sushi, and some sandwiches like tonkatsu and Hokkaido crab. It seems to be slanted towards a lunchtime take-out business, but there are a few small tables and bar counters where you can dine in, and because it closes at 8 pm you can swing by for a quick dinner too.

I was quite impressed with the freshness of the fish, so this evening I got a couple of bowls of chirashi sushi to take-away for our dinner, so that A could try it. There’s not a huge selection at dinner time, I have to say. I took the last 2 bowls, but I’m not sure if they could have made up more for me.

The bowls looked almost identical, but one was $12 and one was $13. I guess it depends on what fish is used. All the fish is really fresh, and none of the pieces had any tough sinewy bits at all. The rice was also appropriately seasoned. Portions look small but are actually perfect for a light meal.

There’s a 20% discount for all orders after 7 pm, so all in all, a very convenient and fairly healthy dinner option for us, assuming they don’t run out of food by then.

A says:

Okay for a quick bite. It’s not too expensive but it’s not really cheap either.

Hokkaido Sandwich & Sashimi Deli
4 Marina Boulevard
#01-33 The Sail@Marina Bay
Tel: 6509-0685
Opening hours: 8.30 am to 8 pm


Anonymous said...

Do U know where some of the food was prepare and where the chefs had their stints and guidance?
Place too small for all those right??

Anonymous said...

how much is the most expensive sandwhich?