Thursday, October 09, 2008

Could It Be…?

C says:

Did the good people at Asian Food Channel actually heed my plea to bring back Iron Chef?

I saw a trailer last night with Chairman Kaga’s signature capsicum-chomp, and the words to the effect of ‘The Challenge Begins November 2008… Iron Chef on the Asian Food Channel’.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, in case it’s actually the William Shatner US version, or a teaser for a completely different show. But if they really are going to air the classic Iron Chef, then if you guys at AFC are reading this – you rock!! Now all that’s left is to sit tight and wait till November. Allez cuisine!

A says:

I’m not sure how Iron Chef will hold up after all this time. Still, it promises to be a treat for first time viewers.


Jenna said...

I'm from the US and I can tell you there are actually 3 versions of Iron Chef. There is the non-English version (which, in my opinion is still the best), the awful William Shatner version (Iron Chef USA) which failed even in the US, and a newer US version called "Iron Chef America." This one has Alton Brown as the host - if you don't know Alton Brown, you should look him up. He rocks. He has a show called, "Good Eats," which is all about the science behind cooking. They have one Chef Morimoto from Iron Chef (the Japanese one) as a regular chef, as well as Mario Batali, Bobbly Flay, and a few others. The show is much closer to the Japanese original. I don't know which version will be airing, but rest assured the William Shatner one died a long time ago in the states. The Alton Brown one has been running for 5 seasons, since 2005. If they bring you that one, it might not be perfect, but it will be entertaining.

atetoomuch said...

Hey, thanks for this. So the one with Cat Cora is Iron Chef America then? Ok, that sounds a lot more credible so I feel quite hopeful that either way, I'm in for an entertaining time.