Sunday, July 13, 2008

J.Co Donuts

C says:

I think I’m officially a convert. Clearly there’s a reason for the shift in long queues in Raffles City from Donut Factory to J.Co, an Indonesian donut chain. On Sunday afternoon, J Co surprisingly had only 3 people in the queue, and a number of empty tables, so we decided to try half a dozen.

Expecting it to be more hype than substance, I was pleasantly surprised with the donuts here, especially the glazed donuts. They weren’t too sweet, and were incredibly light and soft. I daresay they’re better than Donut Factory’s.

As for the flavoured donuts, we tried a Snow White (vanilla whipped cream-filled and topped with icing sugar), Chocolate Pearls and the Don Mochino (dark chocolate coated and filled with coffee cream). The flavoured donuts were less spectacular, and probably on par with Donut Factory’s flavoured ones, but for regular glazed, I’m switching allegiances whenever I’m in Raffles City.

A says:

The regular glazed RAWKS! I think it’s as good as Krispy Kremes even. The flavoured ones are okay, but really, special flavoured donuts tend to be gimmicky and disappointing.

Note to self: coffee here is actually not bad.

J Co. Donuts
#B1-44, Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6333-4258
Open daily: 9 am to 10 pm

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