Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bistro GAGA

C says:

This was quite an unplanned dinner. We were at Old School (the old MGS) at Mt Sophia to support a friend who was performing there. After the performance a group of A’s friends were wondering where to adjourn to for dinner, and the option with the least palaver was the bistro within the Old School complex. They were quite crowded but managed to squeeze our table of 10 in, and were nice enough to warn us that food would take a while so at least our expectations were managed.

A and I shared the seared pink tuna. Portion was tiny but it was really good. The tuna really was just barely seared and still rare, and topped with a mash that had pieces of salt cod mixed in with it. Interesting combination, but one that really worked.

Those of us at the table who opted for pastas were rewarded with the food arriving fairly quickly. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the poor sods who ordered proper main courses. Those only arrived after most of us had finished our pastas. The pastas were pretty good - I was very happy with my oxtail ragout spaghetti, and A’s squid ink linguine wasn’t half bad either. Word of caution – M&M, who ordered the pan fried salmon and lamb shank main courses, felt that the mains were less stellar. The salmon and lamb both apparently tasted like they had been frozen, and M’s salmon was also not as fresh as she’d have liked.

A ordered the banana and basil crepe, which came in the most lurid shade of green. There was way too much basil in the crepe – it didn’t taste savoury per se, but it was still too overpowering as a dessert.

I wouldn’t say this was a destination place, but if you ever find yourself at or near Old School for any arty farty events, this is definitely an option.

A says:

The consensus was that the pastas are very good. The mains, not so much. I definitely would like to try more of the starters.

Anyway, I must compliment them again for managing expectations. Other establishments could learn a thing or two from them. If the wait is going to be long, at least warn patrons first. That at least gives them the choice of staying or leaving.

Under-promise and over-deliver. Ace!

Bistro GAGA
11 Mount Sophia, #01-03
Tel: 6883-2120

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