Friday, April 27, 2007

Zion Riverside Hawker Centre

C says:

I meant it when I said that comfort food is on the menu. On Friday night we had another of A’s comfort foods of his youth – kway chap. Being as picky as he is, kway chap is one of the last things that I expected A to like, but he grew up eating it so embedded in his consciousness. Our likes and dislikes are clearly strongly influenced by what we’re exposed to in our childhood. A was brought up on hot dogs, burgers and pizza, and the occasional porridge and kway chap, whereas Asian food dominated my diet.

We happened to see this stall in an episode of Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks, with Kym Ng, a Teochew Ah Nia if there ever was one. She recommended the food of her people, and one of her favourite stalls is Boon Tong Kee Kway Chap Braised Duck, Stall No. 24. I’m not a big kway chap connoisseur, and when I do eat it, I go for the braised duck and small intestine, whereas A likes tau pok and the large intestine. I must say the ‘kway’ here is very good – very fine and smooth, and the chilli is a good balance of spicy and tart.

We shared a plate of carrot cake, which wasn’t too bad but not particularly outstanding. At least it was a very generous portion for only $3.

A says:

Highly recommended by TV celebrities and myself.

Fyi: there are two Zion Road hawker centres. This is the one nearer the Nasi Padang place.

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